Linked Brushing

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By using the same data source in multiple plots, actions performed on glyphs in one plot are shared between corresponding glyphs of another plot.

Try out the selection tools in this example. The selected glyphs in each plot are automatically synchronised.

Reproduces the plot from

using Bokeh

x = -20:20
y0 = [abs(xx) for xx in x]
y1 = [xx^2 for xx in x]

source = ColumnDataSource(data=(; x, y0, y1))

tools = [BoxSelectTool(), LassoSelectTool(), HelpTool()]

left = figure(; tools, title=nothing)
plot!(left, Scatter; x="x", y="y0", source)

right = figure(; tools, title=nothing)
plot!(right, Scatter; x="x", y="y1", source)

grid([left right], merge_tools=true, item_width=300, item_height=300)

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