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Exact p-Adics 2

A Magma package for exact p-adic computation

Exact p-Adics 2

This is the user manual for the ExactpAdics2 package for the Magma computer algebra system. The aim of this package is to provide the user with a higher-level interface to computing with p-adics, making it easier to perform everyday computations and coding more complex algorithms.

This is a re-implementation of the ExactpAdics package which trades off doing things to slightly greater precision against hugely simplified dependency tracking. As such, for most users we currently recommend ExactpAdics2 over ExactpAdics.

The rationale for the design of the package, an overview of the internal structure, and a comparison with ExactpAdics can be found in this article.

If you find this software useful, please cite the above paper in any publications.

The package is hosted here on GitHub and can be downloaded from here.

Please direct any bugs, comments or queries to the GitHub issue tracker.


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